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You can listen to the mp3 of Eric's original tune "Waltz for Debbie" in the music player on this page.  The sheet music is free and available as a downloadable PDF below.

DOWNLOAD the Waltz for Debbie Sheet Music Here

Enjoy listening to the following tracks from Eric's CDs.

Fiddle Bottle Waltz (Eric Eid-Reiner) - from the CD "Grand Tour"

Journey to the Heartland (Ken Kolodner) / The Flying Tent (Keith Murphy) - from the CD "On a Meadowlark Night" - with Andy Reiner on fiddle

The Golden Tooth (Phil Cunningham) / Aidan's Waltz (Keith Murphy) / The Farewell (William Marshall) / The Brewer Lad / The Popcorn / MacArthur Road (Dave Richardson) / Charlie Hardie's Reel (James Scott Skinner) - from the CD "Grand Tour"



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Celtic Beat Says

"...Eric Eid-Reiner is a genius by virtue of his knowledge, a craftsman supreme by his playing, and an artist by his understanding. Of a musical family, he certainly must have absorbed an enormous amount in his formative years."

- Art Ketchen
Celtic Beat Magazine